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Dominican cuisine.


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Dominican restaurant is phenomenal. Ive ordered many times before over the phone. The food tastes great, especially the white rice. It is so delicious it could be a meal of its own with no sides needed. I normally get 1/4 chicken, white rice. The meal is served with a side of brown beans (which taste great) and a small salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Italian dressing).

The serving size can easily feed 2 people or be split up for a later meal. I have ordered for friends and family and recommend it to all. Great cuisine! Wide ranging menu, chicken, beef stew, ribs, fish. White/yellow rice. Try Dominican Restaurant, you will most definitely like it.


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The food was exceptional. The presentation was exquisite. The manager took his time to reach out to me regarding my order and was very understanding about an error I made. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. Im getting ready to order again right now thats how delightful my first experience was.


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In the last 3 weeks we have ordered from this restaurant 4 times and each time our food arrives in less than an hour and piping hot! Everything that we have ordered has been delicious. The amount of food leaves you more than satisfied and many times with leftovers.


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This was the first time I ordered the whole chicken... fried. I thought it was expensive at first but they sent a lot of chicken. It was also extremely good... totally worth it


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I liked it the food my children's and I almost finished a whole lot of food it was great to have a restaurant that couldn't deliver on time who was warm enough to eat.

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I always wonder were Dominican #1 is lol because i usually go to Uniondale and today im convince #2 is my new favorite place . The order way head of time and it was correct & warm ! Everything was so flavorful and i appreciate the food made with lots of love . We will definitely be ordering again.

Carne guisada con arroz blanco
Sopa de pollo
And a delish Mango shake


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Food is absolutely delicious and authentic. Tamarindo juice was so good. Only thing is delivery time can either be on time or extremely late (last time they were 30 mins late) so I always suggest ordering from them if youre not starving. The food is worth the wait though.


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Food was done very well. Seasoned to perfection. As always will order from them again.


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Excellent food; well prepared and good portions. Timely delivery


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Delivery was on time, food was hot, portions were large.

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